Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graduation Decorations

Some of you might remember the graduation decor items from my party decor blog hop.

I ended up making 20 of these for the tables at Adam's graduation.    Rather than make the paper containers, we used clay pots that were previously used for parties and wrapped them in tin foil.

Here is one on the table at the party.   When I was cutting all my parts I filled in the empty spaces on the paper with small 2012s and graduation caps and we used those as well as the inside part of the stars as confetti for on each table.

This was the table set up with Adam's photos and other memorabilia.   A great place to find nice frames for this is the Salvation Army or Goodwill.    We found 5 awesome frames for cheap and they fit the color scheme perfectly.

The cake was yummy even though it was store bought.     

My mom made the mini cheesecakes and cupcakes...the green on the mini cheese cakes is Kiwi, pistachio pudding and green cherries and I must say they were yummy.

My cost saving tips for making 20 table decorations.

  1. Re-use items you already have.   We re-used the pots and some balloon holder things that were purchased at the dollar store and used for 3 previous parties.    Some were used as is, other's were taken apart because they didn't look so nice anymore.  Used as filler, you didn't notice these things were not perfect anymore.
  2. Do not use acid free adhesives.   With a coupon, the non-acid free ATG adhesive is cheap and goes a long way.   I also used plain old glue to adhere the pieces together that were too small for the ATG.
  3. Hot glue alone was enough to hold the parts together for the pics.   If it was a bigger piece I sometimes added cheap foam tape, other times just another dab of hot glue.
  4. The BBQ skewer things at the Dollar Store are not very good for their intended purpose but they worked great for this, nice and thin.

So those were my Green and White Decorations for Adam's party.

My other nephew Jesse's school colors were Red and Black and he was also in the band so I created a few different picks for his.  I also made a banner for his party.

I didn't want them to look exactly the same so I made a top note for the Class of 2012 rather than a circle and also used it for the musical note border found on Winter Frolic, I just welded the word band to it.   I made extras of the musical note layers to make picks .

I got these pots at Ikea for a buck, larger and heavier than the $1 metal containers at Target but they were still not heavy enough for the wind that day so Jesse found me some huge nuts and bolts to tuck in under the paper shreds.  It helped but it was really windy that plan ahead if you are having an outdoor party and add some weights to the bottom of the pots.

Hope you are having a terrific Sunday!



KAT said...

great job laurie. that banner is outstanding. i love the big collage frames too. i love it all!

Rosie said...

wow awesome decorations

Homespun Elegance said...

Great job on the Celebration Decor Laurie!! <3 all of it!! I would have never thought to wrap the Planters in aluminum foil!!

Jessica @

Dee said...

Amazing talent you have Laurie, following your blog now and thank you for using my Leila papers for Man Cave in July issue of Homespun Elegance, it was a TOTALLY sweet surprise to see it! Hugs Dee

Sarah Danford said...

How did you make the words and the stars, etc for the centerpieces? They look great


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