Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kayla's Videos

So very proud of my niece Kayla. She is in her freshman year at Central Michigan University and participated at the College Cheerleading National Championship last weekend. Here are videos of the event.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Piano Player Roll Wreath

So, not doing so well on this blogging thing and it really kind of bothers me so I am going to try much harder this time to post things on a regular basis again.    I can't promise anything though because you see I have ADD or as Becky on Facebook told me it is C/ADD, Crafty ADD.   Today was a success as far as finished projects go.  Here is a peek.

So the story about my latest project and it is a lot like the fun book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. September 2012 I participated in my very first craft fair.   It is a actually a combination tractor/antique/craft cool octagon barn family fun weekend.   They have all kinds of awesome things and we found some old fashioned piano player paper rolls.   They come in really cool boxes and they seemed to be a great price.   I had no idea what I could make with them though.   In comes Tony with his cell phone and this really cool wreath made with piano player rolls.  You can see that wreath here!  He really supports my crafting and apparently C/ADD, so who complains when he comes with ideas and takes off and comes back with the whole box of piano player rolls.

So it's almost the end of October 2013, what happened?    I'm telling you it is C/ADD with a bit too much perfectionism thrown in to make things fun.    I started working on this soon after I brought them home.   I did the Google search (love Google searches) which brought me back to the above blog with the wreath and a whole bunch more images of really cool crafty things that of course I had to look at before starting on my wreath.   Okay, back to the wreath.   I decide the best way to cut these strips is get out my self-healing mat, my quilting ruler and rotary cutter and get to work.   I made one and then it was time to start thinking about dinner and putting stuff away.  Bad idea.  

Weeks go by, other projects are made until one day I remember I am working on my piano roll wreath.   First I have to go look at the blogpost with the directions and of course check e-mail, facebook, etc. and then get out the tools and start one scrunchy piano roll flower then of course I have to figure out what I will do about the really cool old light string reflectors.   I think you get the point about C/ADD but I really need to stress the point of just how serious this issue is and wonder why it isn't the book of disorders.   Back to Google, oh hey tin foil would maybe work and I remember Tim Holtz did something with alcohol dies and a tin type product and one of the 3D stars might work, more Google searches....get out the supplies and make a giant mess that of course needs to be cleaned up cause it is dinner time.

So a year later and many C/ADD detours later I started a Google search to get some wreath ideas for burlap, not piano player rolls and ended up finding this totally awesome Restoration Hardware knock off bedside tables.  You can see them here.   It never ends, a vicious cycle of one crafty must do after another with half finished projects waiting waiting waiting to be finished.

Today, I finished a wreath.  Not with burlap and not the original piano player roll wreath I was trying to make but my own wreath based off of a bunch of different Google images, pins, lets not even talk about Pinterest as I am quite sure they will some how profit off the drugs that we will be prescribed if C/ADD is ever added to that large book of official disorders.  

So here it is, finally, a year and almost 2 months later, a wreath with piano player roll paper.    I got the wreath I made last year from the basement and took off old ornaments and the cute little wood snowman who I found at Salvation Army last year and got out the burlap.  Nope that idea isn't going to work.   So I went to get the rolled felted wool roses that I made last year and then I remembered the partly finished piano player rolls wreath.  Perfect, I like it and instead of getting out all the tools I grabbed the roll and cut it with my scissors because it doesn't really matter if it is perfect as some of the pieces come off when you fringe it and scrunch it up.    Since I gave up on being perfect with my cuts and no time was wasted finding the supplies, it took a few minutes and I didn't have a huge mess to clean up after.   I had to make more rolled flowers and again gave up on perfectly cut circles and to be honest the flowers look better and have more dimension.

How do you make rolled flowers out of sweaters?   Pretty easy actually and trust me there are a gazillion posts about how to felt the sweater and even more on how to make the flowers....I'd provide links but then well you know, it would take me on another detour and who knows if I would get back here to finish this post.

The plan for today and I sure hope someone holds me accountable for this is to use some of the extra flowers I created and turn it into some fabulous gift packaging, but first I have to go check out Pinterest and Facebook.

Hope everyone has a fantastic crafty day!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Outdoor Man

I was so happy to see Outdoor Man was available to try out in Cricut Craft Room. If you don't already know Provo Craft does Cut it Free For a Week.  To find out what the Free Cut of the Week is sign in to Cricut Craft Room and look under "My Cartridges".  They go from Wednesday to Wednesday and is a great opportunity to try a cartridge to see if you will want to purchase it.  

So being that I am married to an Outdoor Man, I was pretty excited about this cartridge and wanted to make one of everything.   I reminded myself that I have a bunch of really nice diecuts waiting and waiting to go on layouts and that I really should make and finish a project using the Free Cut of the Week.   I finished 4 projects.

First up playing with contact paper and etching cream.

These are so easy to make and you really do get great results if you don't follow the directions on the bottle of etching cream.   It says to leave the etching cream on for 1 minute.   I left it on for 30 minutes and got much better results than I did when I tried 10 minutes on previous etched products.  

And now the layouts.   After playing with The First Few Years and When I Was a Kid, I have been trying to design my layouts on the CCR mat and I think I am really liking doing it this way.   I simply add rectangles for the matted papers and then later just cut them to size with my paper trimmer and then cut the other design elements on the Cricut. I think I really like how these turned out.

Now I just need some photos for the layouts.

Now, I'm going to go see what the next Cut Free For A Week cartridge is and get busy making something new.

Happy Crafting,


Friday, June 7, 2013

White on White Wedding Card

I've been wanting to try one of the white on white cards for awhile and with Provo Craft letting us try out the Wedding Solutions cart this week, I went for it.

This is an A2 sized card.   To make my card I used the square frame from the pillow box holder (shift on the basic tab) and resized it to fit the top of my card.   I goofed on the sizing the width needed to be smaller.   Once I have the resized frame on my mat, I select the image I want to weld to the frame.   I add all pieces to the mat because I will have to resize to make the couple fit in the frame.   2 Layers Wedding Couple, Veil - 1 layer of Wedding Couple shift and 1 of the Black Out Couple.    I use the Black Out Couple to weld to the frame so I place it inside the frame and then select all of the couple pieces and resize until the black out piece is where I want it to weld in the frame.

For the card base and base for the framed couple I used the same square frame but blacked out the inside of the frames.   I welded together 2 and then sized it to 8.5 x 5.5 to make the base and for the base of the framed couple I copied the frame on my mat and just blacked out the center.   Here is a screen shot of my Craft Room mat ready to cut.

If you look closely at the bottom red couple I have hidden some of the cut lines specifically on the dress as I will be cutting out and using just the dress.   I also hide other lines to save on my blade, mat and time.    I also used 3 layers, 2 for the main card front.   I do this so I can add different weights of paper and load all my paper on the mat at the same time and can adjust settings between layer cuts.

These are the left over pieces after hand cutting and will not be used.

I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the base piece for the mat and the dress.   The top layer has painted Stickles on just the dress ( I squirt Stickles in a blob on a piece of plastic and use foam eye shadow applicators to apply) and also to the veil.

Now to assemble all of the layers.   Bottom (embossed) base, framed couple, embossed dress and finally the couple with the Stickled dress.   Because only the dress is embossed you definitely want to add pop dots to the brides head and the groom and then just plain adhesive on the dress portion.  I added some puffy paint for buttons and also on the veil.   Attach to the card base.

I'm sharing my cut file as well, see the download below.

Happy Crafting

Monday, April 8, 2013

And the winner of the Unity Stamp set Simple Things is 

Debra Lovell said...
I liked the Unity on FB and I also loved the little books you made!! Awesome talent! "Happy Spring"

Congratulations, an e-mail has been sent so check your Inbox!


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Little Prince Blog Hop Day 2

Welcome, hope you have been enjoying all the fantastic projects for boys in the 2nd annual Little Prince Blog Hop.  Happy Birthday Mason!  You should have come from Meriah's Blog, if not you will want to go back to Homespun Elegance to make sure you don't miss any of the fantastic projects.

When Jessica asked, I knew right away what I was going to make for Austin.  I have been looking at all the amazing quiet books out there and knew I wanted something similar but a bit different as I also wanted it to hold some Hot Wheels cars and be small enough to travel well.   This is what I came up with.
 I was going to put in his Easter basket but I saw him last Sunday and had to give it to him.   

I don't really have a how to for this as I didn't plan it out other than knowing the general size and that I wanted roads and grass.  This is super easy to do, you simply cut strips of fabric and then cut those strips down as needed.   For this I had 1 long strip of black that I cut into 3 pieces and then 2 strips of green cut in 2 pieces and then you sew it in strips as well.   All of the felt pieces were hand cut and sewn on to the green and black piece.   
For the back I used a piece of denim and added a zipper.   I bought my denim at Salvation Army, it was actually a long wrap skirt and I used the hem from the skit to make a tab so it could be folded in half and it closes with velcro.
All of the felt pieces were hand cut except for the car that is from Boys Will Be Boys.  

I then made a soft book for Austin to give to give to his little brother Cameron.  

All of the images are from Boys Will Be Boys except for the hot air balloon which is from Popup Neighborhood.   I decided against using the Cricut to cut out the pieces to save on the Heat N Bond.   I found a blog that explained using the images and tracing them on to the paper side of the Heat N Bond and then cut the paper leaving extra space around the pattern, iron it to your fabric.   With so many pieces, it really worked well to do it this way and there was very little waste.    Again this was pretty easy to put together and while normally I have the seam ripper, fixing every crooked stitch but I didn't do that this time.  The reality is that it took me 2.5 yrs to make this soft book, something I wanted to make when I first got my Cricut.   I notice the mistakes but Austin and Cameron won't care.   So if there was something you wanted to make but think its too hard, I say jump right in, it doesn't have to be perfect.

How cute is this stamp that Unity has provided as blog candy for this stop on the hop?

To enter like the Unity Facebook page and comment that you are stopping by from the Little Prince Hop and then comment here on my blog that you have done this.   Please include your e-mail and Facebook so I can contact you if you win.   Sorry US shipping only.

Up next is  Miranda

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and The Little Prince Blog Hop!


Here is the entire lineup if you need it.
  2. Mindi Palmer
  3. Mandee Gillen
  4. JulieK
  5. Meriah Hamlin -
  6. Laurie
  7. Miranda
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